New shirts/combos stocked from Dephosphorus and more!

DEPHOSPHORUS "Dagger" t-shirtDEPHOSPHORUS "Dagger" t-shirtLEGACY FUTURE t-shirt (front print)LEGACY FUTURE t-shirt (back print)EWIG FROST t-shirtEWIG FROST t-shirtDEPHOSPHORUS "Ravenous Solemnity"/"Dagger" 2xLP/t-shirt combo

We’ve stocked some new t-shirts and the relevant combos (+ more stuff that we will upload very soon).

  • Check them out at our T-SHIRT page.
  • Ordering instructions and links to the rest of our online catalog here.
  • You can also make one-click purchases from our PAYPAL STORE. Don’t forget to state the desired size at the comments section of your paypal transation.



~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on June 26, 2014.

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