MOYNTZA#6 MOYNTZA#6, END feature MOYNTZA#6, HOAX feature

MOYNTZA#6 zine, 160 pages x A4, 5€

MOYNTZA is one of the best fanzines published in the world right now. Brand new issue#6 is possibly their best so far. The no-nosensical reports and commentaries on the underground punk/metal/hardcore scenes and sub-cultures is accompanied by coverage of other cultural phenomena, such as the rebetika songs plus excellent photography and art.

The texts are always humorous and often caustic, such as Panos Asthma’s commentary on the “Orthodox” turn that Greek D.I.Y. has took circa 1997-2005 devaluating the music it was supposed to support. I alughed my ass out with a new humoristic “fashion police” type of column!

The zine’s  print is like always of an impressive quality and its team is motivated by the D.I.Y. approach, thus the affordable price.

May 2014 – Fourteen interviews covering everything from Greek black metal and American crust to UK hardcore and Canadian punk, with some Spanish folk and some post-industrial sounds thrown in for good measure. To top it off, we added the sickest drawings ever and a collection of live photographs that literally burst with energy.
Interviews with Hoax, Raspberry Bulbs, Violent Reaction, World Burns to Death, S.H.I.T./Violent Future, Nuts Fanzine, Nathaniel Ritter, Ειρκτή, Κομοδίνα 3/Drug Free Youth, Solstice, End, Cyclic Law, Sangre de Muerdago, Church Whip.
Art & Disorderly with New York’s sickest artist Sam Ryser. 
Additionaly you will get an Australian Scene Report, Rebetika and Anestos Delias, Motorbreath Poetry, Articles, Columns, Record Reviews, Exclusive Photography by Mateus Mondini, Martin Sorrondegy and others + more
Cover and Back Cover Artwork by Sam Ryser.
160 pages total!

 Feel like ordering? Here.


~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on July 13, 2014.

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