Distro update 21/9/2014

— best GRHC record EVER! — bandcampdiscogs

Repressed by popular demand in 300 copies. Don’t miss your chance to own a contemporary classic.

  •  ATAKKE (US) “Avalanche” 7″EP (Mountains Of Madness Label) 6€

— punk’n’roll— bandcampdiscogs

Featuring members of Mutant Supremacy.

  • COWARDS (FR) “Shooting Blanks And Pills” CD (Throatruiner Records) 10€

—blackened hardcore/sludge — bandcampofficial free MP3 download  — discogs

Paris sickness. Featuring current and ex-members of Sickbag, Death Mercedes, Hangman’s Chair, Eibon, Glorior Belli, Dacast, Colossus of Destiny…

  • DAGGERS (BE) “It’s Not Jazz, It’s Blues” LP (Throatruiner Records) 12€

— hardcore/noise rock — bandcampofficial free MP3 download  — discogs

300 copies on transparent blue wax. Great release – heavy shit!

  • DOOMED AGAIN / PAROXYSMOS (GR) “Doomed Paroxysm split-7″EP (Clean Head Productions & Screaming Victims Distro) 6€

— crust/grind — bandcamp here and herediscogs

Pressed in 300 copies, poster included. Paroxysmos’ side kills everything, finest hardcore punk band in Greece together with Antimob!

  • ELIZABETH (CH) “Insomnia” 7″EP (Throatruiner Records) 7€

—hardcore — bandcampofficial free MP3 download  — discogs

Latest release of one of the most crucial European hardcore acts. White/black spatter vinyl. Featuring Julien Diels (Vuyvr).

  • ELIZABETH (CH) “Where Vultures Land – Deluxe Edition” LP (Throatruiner Records) 12€

—hardcore — bandcampofficial free MP3 download  — discogs

Repress of 2012’s classic “Where Vultures Land” 12″EP with as bonus on side B (and for the first time on vinyl) their 2010 demo. All packaged in a deluxe jacket with glossy finish. White wax. Featuring Julien Diels (Vuyvr). Buy or die!

  • HAVEN’T SAID ENOUGH (GR) “The First Signs Of Malfunction” MLP (Clean Head Productions & Screaming Victims Distro) 10€

— crust/grind —bandcampdiscogs

Single sided, limited to 250 copies. Incl. 50×70 cm Poster and 12×17 cm Stickers. Feat. members from Head Cleaner and Erectus.

  • INFANTICIDE “(SWE) “Misconceptions Of Hope” (7 Degrees Records) LP 14€

— grindcore — bandcampdiscogs

Excellent swedish grindcore a la Gadget/Nasum.

— hateful negative hardcore — full albums here and here — discogs here and here

We’ve secured some of the last copies of the 2nd press of both albums: 200 copies on black vinyl! A few of the last copies of the split-7″ as well. Buy now or get sodomized in ebay/discogs later.

  • MUTANT SUPREMACY/CARDIAC ARREST (US) split-7″EP (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) 7″EP 6€

— death metal — bandcampdiscogs

— thrashing/grinding hardcore punk — bandcampdiscogs

Fantastic one man band from the current/ex drummer of Embrace Of Thorns, Necrovorous, Resurgency, Straighthate, Acrimonious, etc. Side A features the “Χημικά Κατάλοιπα (Chemical Residues)” demo, side B is a tribute to the late 80’s/early 90’s Greek hardcore punk scene. 320 copies on black vinyl, comes in 4-panel foldout sleeve with lyrics and artwork. All their releases sell out in double quick time. Buy now or cry later.

  • PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND (FR) “Lowgazers” 2xLP (Throatruiner Records) 18€

— dissontant black metal — bandcampofficial free MP3 download  — discogs

Double 180g vinyl. Deathspell Omega meet Ulcerate!

  • SATANIC SUPPLICIA (CY/GR) “Devotio” 7″EP (Necroterror Records) 7€

— unorthodox black metal

Featuring members of The One, Macabre Omen, Necrosadist. Limited to 250 copies. Highly fucking recommended!

  • STHENO (GR) “Damnation is forever” 7″EP (multiple label co-release) 5€

— blackened grindcore —bandcampdiscogs

Tight shit. Pressed in 300 copies.

  • SUN OF NOTHING (GR) “In The Weak And The Wounded” (Venerate Industries) digipack CD 5€ RESTOCK

— sludge/black metal — bandcampdiscogs

The follow-up to their classic debut for Blastbeat Mailmurder. Elegant 6-panel digipack. Featuring two members of End.

  • WAKE/THEORIES (CA/USA) split-7″EP (7 Degrees Records) 6€

— grindcore — bandcamp

 Great split!

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