BACTERIA Issue #02, Illustration Zine

12203985_10154267168772802_1756229438_oBACTERIA Issue #02, Illustration Zine

BACTERIA Issue #02, A4 Illustration Zine, 7€

We are extremely proud for the work that our comrades Viral Graphics have done on this long awaited new issue of Bacteria. We are also grateful that they have spared a few copies to be distributed via Blastbeat Mailmurder. This is definitely one of the most beautiful items that we have ever carried out!

This collection of mind blowing illustrations is accompanied by short but nevertheless very precise and interesting commentaries.

96 pages of black and white hand drawn illustrations by Aaron Horkey, Arik Roper, Casey McKinley, Craig Tapecat McCudden, David Welker, Elvisdead, Jason Lambidis, Mark McCormick, Mike Sutfin, Nate Van Dyke, Neal Williams, Sophia Argyros, Stephen Wilson and Viral Graphics.

 Feel like ordering? Here.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on November 5, 2015.

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