Mailmurder update: AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE

AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE is one of the most honest and inspiring underground labels out there. Even though they are way more prolific than Blastbeat Mailmurder, we share a lot in common like the fact that we both have no genre boundaries, nor a proper web shop! So, we’re stoked to having trade with them, thus being able to offer you ultra-limited quantities of the following highly collectible items.

ABIGAIL (JP) “Live At Antiknock Tokyo 7” (At War With False Noise) 6€

Two tracks of highly enjoyable black’n’roll pressed on a delicious piece of wax. Limited edition yellow square flexi disc. 250 copies only! 

BONG (UK) “Bethmoora” gatefold 2xLP (At War With False Noise) 16€

Repress and remaster of the debut BONG LP. 500 copies double LP in heavy gatefold sleeves. This is the black vinyl edition. Meditative, trance inducing, primitive heavy rock. A lot of SLEEP worship goes on here. The 2nd LP is a 27′ reinterpretation of PINK FLOYD’s  “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Part”!

LEGION OF ANDROMEDA (USA) “Iron Scorn” gatefold LP (At War With False Noise) 15€

L.O.M. play some ultra-heavy, monotonous shit with a huge production courtesy of Steve Albini. Their sound is very primitive and reminiscent of the 90’s  – especially GODFLESH. This is partly due to the notorious RX7 drum machine (“RX-7 hatebeat is forever” to borrow their own words). Total of 500 copies, all pressed on heavy weight black vinyl. Housed in Stoughton tip-on gatefold covers w/ printed inner sleeves.

THE GUILT ØF… (USA) “The Guilt Of…” LP (At War With False Noise) 10€

Early industrial, punk, electro and noise from Mike Williams (Eyehategod, Arson Anthem) and Ryan McKern (Wolvhammer) (early) Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Head Of David. . Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.

OFFERBEEST (NL) “Black teeth” MC (At War With False Noise) 6€

Fantastic release! GNAW THEIR TONGUES side project. All sounds are made with 100% analogue synths/pedals/noisesynths. This is some over the top noise. Limited to 50 copies, pro tape and sleeve. Comes with a download code.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on June 23, 2017.

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