Compact Death mailmurder update

BIRDFLESH (SWE) “Live @ Giants Of Grind” CD (Power It Up) 7€

Euro-grind live! Recorded at The Giants Of Grind Festival in 27th / 28th of August 2004 @ JKW Forellenhof / Salzgitter.

BIRDFLESH (SWE) The Farmers’ Wrath CD (Obscene Productions) 8€

For all you euro-grind freaks out there! Their last full-length album from 2008.

KEITZER (GER) “The Last Defence” CD (FDA Rekotz) 8€

Latest album from these comrades of ours. Combat grindcore bulldozer for fans of Mörser, Nasum, old Bolt Thrower!

KNELT ROTE (US) “Insignificance” CD (Nuclear War Now!) 8€

U.S. import. We’re already distributing the vinyl version of this gem. Check out what we think of it here.

NIHILIST (SWE) “Nihilist (1987-1989” CD (bootleg) 12€

Bootleg of the 2005 compilation by Threeman Recordings.

NOCTURNAL BLOOD (US)  “Devastated Graves – The Morbid Celebration” CD (Hell’s Headbangers) 10€

U.S. import. Restock of this fantastic black/death opus!


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