DEPHOSPHORUS Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!

DEPHOSPHORUS have two new releases out and we proudly distribute them!

Head to the Vinyl , Compact Death , Cassette and T-Shirt sections of our distro in order to make your choice and possibly combine them with our items.

We already have the Sublimation LP’s (including a few glass-clear ones!) and Astralaudioviolence tapes. The CD’s and shirts will reach us within the next few days.

As always, for orders and questions you can reach us at bodybag666 [at] gmail [dot] com.

We have also updated the availability and lowered the price of some Blastbeat Mailmurder vinyl releases. We will also add some more items within the next few days.

Astrogrind forever!

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on September 12, 2020.

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