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Blastbeat Mailmurder Compact Death releases

Dephosphorus Compact Death

CD bundles

DEPHOSPHORUS (GR) “Sublimation” CD/t-shirt combo 18€






DEPHOSPHORUS (GR) “Sublimation” CD + “Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple)” MC  combo 14€






DEPHOSPHORUS Unreal bundle: “Sublimation” CD + “Impossible Orbits” CD 15€

DEPHOSPHORUS (GR) “Impossible Orbits” CD/t-shirt combo 18€
—Bundle of the I/O CD + the “Tower” t-shirt repress.

Get the Blastbeat Mailmurder t-shirt plus one of our currently available CD releases (see above) for 10€!


  • DEATHSPELL OMEGA (FR) “Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum” digipack CD (NOEVDIA) 12e
    The best progressive/avantgarde blackmetal act out there.
  • DEATHSPELL OMEGA (FR) “Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice” CD (Noevdia) 10e
    One of the leading forces in underground blackmetal. Inspiring, christraping BM art.
  • DELVE (SWE) “The Dead Amongst” MCD (Nuclear Winter Records) 6e
    Repress of this awesome release! Total old-school swedish metal, fast and dirty a la Entombed, Kaamos, Repugnant. Now known as  VERMINOUS. SOLD OUT FROM NWR!
  • DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT (UK) “Hatred For Mankind” CD (Mordgrimm) 8€
    Highly recommended. Click above for details.
  • DROWNED (GER) “Viscera Terrae” MCD (Nuclear Winter Records) 7€
    Death metal masterpiece! Click above for details.
  • DISRUPT (USA) “Disruptdead” CD/DVD boxset (Relapse) 30e
    Limited box set containing the “Unrest” reissue, “The Rest” B-side/rare song compilation, a DVD with 4 live shows, and a 52 page booklet! Just one boxset left!
  • DROWNING (FR) “APOCALYPSE UNSEALED” CD (BONES BRIGADE) 6e  <=== new, lower price!
  • DYSEMBLEM “Strengh Of Giants” digipack CD 7€
    Doom/death feat. ex-Injekting Khaos guitarist/songwriter & local underground drum hero Nuctemeron
  • EIBON (FR) “Entering Darkness” Digisleeve CD (Aesthetic Death) 10e
    63 minutes of majestic and grim sludge/doom/death that will send shivers down your spine… This is an operation of epic proportions featuring (ex-) members of legendary french bands Astral Rising, Garden Of Silence, Drowning… This grime piece of Compact Death is wrapped in a special hardcover digisleeve (click to check it out)
  • EIBON (FR) “Eibon” Digipack CD (Aesthetic Death) 7e
    The recording that paved the way to their monumental debut “Entering Darkness”. Two epic tracks clocking at 23 minutes. Click here to evaluate the packaging.
  • ENCOFFINATION (US) “Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh” CD (Selfmadegod Records) 8e
    Cryptic, suffocating death metal influenced by INCANTATION, DISEMBOWELMENT, MORPHEUS DESCENDS. Click to see the packaging.
  • MITOCHONDRION (CAN)  “Parasignosis” (Profound Lore Records) CD 10e 
    Uncompromising death metal, progressive and savage. Think: Portal, Demilich, etc. 20 page booklet and print on special matte stock.
  • TODAY IS THE DAY (US) “Sadness Will Prevail” (RELAPSE) DIGIPACK 2xCD 8e <=== new, lower price!
    Tortured, fucked-up, crucifying progressive noisecore. Masterpiece!
  • TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTON CD “Zen and the art of Total Fucking Destruction” CD (Bones Brigade) 6e <=== new, lower price!
    New LP!
  • ULCERATE (NZ) “The Destroyers Of All” CD (Willowtip) 12e
    Masterpiece. Click above for details.
  • V/A (FR) “From The Entrails To The Dirt” (End All Life) DIGIPACK CD 8e 
    The CD version of the MALICIOUS SECRETS vinyl box of splits. Other kommandoz participating: ANTAEUS, MUTILATION, DEATHSPELL OMEGA. This is a manifesto of one of the most influential BM scenes in Europe.
  • VACANTFIELD (GR) “Iteration” MCD (Duplicate Records) 5€
    Modern experimental black metal a la Dødheimsgard, Thorns, etc. Highly recommended. Click above for details!
  • XASTHUR (US) “Nocturnal Poisoning” CD (Blood, Fire, Death) 8e <=== new, lower price!
    One of the most praised modern blackmetal bands. Slow, atmospheric & suicidal. Possibly their best album.
  • YOB (USA) “The Great Cessation” (Profound Lore Records) digipack CD 10e
    Essential ritualistic doom and progressive rock. 4-panel digipack with 8 page booklet.


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