• EIBON/HKY (FR) split-7″EP (Music Fear Satan) 5e <=== new, lower price!
    One new track from each band. EIBON is the new euro-doom/sludge sensation with ex/current members of DROWNING, ASTRAL RISING, GARDEN OF SILENCE, etc. They have an early 90’s doom/death vibe that is absolutely heartbreaking for me and should also fascinate the younger wolves! I’ve never heard HKY and they’re actually pretty good! Their style lays down on doom foundations but they’re definitely creating an atmosphere of their own with some Neurosis influences, etc. Click for looks.
  • ELIZABETH (CH) “Insomnia” 7″EP (Throatruiner Records) 7€
    —hardcore — bandcampofficial free MP3 download  — discogsLatest release of one of the most crucial European hardcore acts. White/black spatter vinyl. Featuring Julien Diels (Vuyvr).
  • ELIZABETH (CH) “Where Vultures Land – Deluxe Edition” LP (Throatruiner Records) 12€
    —hardcore — bandcampofficial free MP3 download  — discogs
    Repress of 2012′s classic “Where Vultures Land” 12″EP with as bonus on side B (and for the first time on vinyl) their 2010 demo. All packaged in a deluxe jacket with glossy finish. White wax. Featuring Julien Diels (Vuyvr). Buy or die!
  • EMPIRE OF THE MOON (GR) “Πανσέληνος” gatefold-LP (III Damnation Productions & Floga Records) 14€
    Symphonic and mid-paced black metal with the traditional Greek feel from the 90’s.
    -Regular version, black vinyl in inlay, gatefold cover, limited to 400 copies.
  • THE HOWLING WIND (USA) “Mortuary/Laboratory” 7″EP (Parasitic Records) 7e
    Two unreleased tracks. (Check packaging – picture stolen from Parasitic Records )
  • LASERGUYS (NOR) “Laserguys” LP (Prostata Records) 7€ <=== discount!
    Grindcore with members of ENDWARFMENT, HELLSTORM and PERISHED. Extremely vicious and chaotic, not unlike Last Days Of Humanity. Limited to 500 copies. Click for looks.

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