Country: GREECE


Format: enhanced MCD

Year of release:  2004

Catalog # BB002

Total running time: 24:41

Copies pressed: 500

Status: Available


  1. Face Of Weakness
  2. We Bleed From Many Wounds
  3. Failure After Failure
  4. Guilt Of Innocence
  5. Puke Back The Blood Of Christ
  6. Black Magic

STRAIGHTHATE have been one of the most important extreme music outfits in Greece for the 00’s.

This is their debut recording featuring five tracks of thrashcore and old-school grind with dual vokills, as well as a  “Black Magic” cover  (originally featured in Blackfish records’ tribute to thrash metal).

The CD-Rom part of the disc features pictures, as well as videos from a full liveset. Some of these 7 live tracks are unreleased and have never been recorded. One of them is a cover to KICKBACK’s “Heaven & Hell”…

Featuring on guitars and heavy vocals Anastasis Valtsanis from DEAD CONGREGATION fame (as well as NUCLEAR WINTER, the record label and the now defunct band).

“this EP drops six tracks of vicious, grinding material that seems to be built around a core of thrash metal and metalcore.” (Aversionline)

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