BB004: INTO THE GORE “Bureau Of Disgust” CD

Catalog # BB004/VEIN001


Country: GREECE


Format: Custom digipack CD

Year of release: 2006

Total running time: 32:24

Copies pressed: 500

Status: Available

Freestyle grindcore madness! Relentless beating, political violence a la Nasum, Regurgitate, Rotten Sound. By the time this album has been recorded, INTO THE GORE were the best grindcore band to have ever emerged from Greece. This is their 2nd and ultimate album (their debut LP was out on polish METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS), since the band collapsed after the tragic death of their guitarist/vocalist Mihalis “A.M.X” Xidas. This is a split release with VENERATE INDUSTRIES.

“these 17 tracks offer up about 33 scorching minutes of ferocious material that could firmly stand alongside most any such traditionally-based grindcore albums of the last decade” (

“Altogether, Into the Gore were practitioners of a sturdy, admirable death grind grumble with packaging that justifies the purchase.”
(Grind and Punishment)

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