BB005: MUMAKIL “The Stop Whining EP” 7″EP

Catalog # BB005




Format: 7″EP

Year of release: 2007

Total running time: 14:12

Copies pressed: 666

Status: Available




1. New 1 01:17
2. New 2 00:57
3. Pate 01:02
4. Tavernik Growl 01:13
5. Blasting Fetus 01:07
6. Nailed Pig 01:32
7. Breu Breu 01:01
8. Lourd 02:12
9. Brebl 00:48
10. Viande 00:55
11. T.P.D. 00:54
12. Running Pig 01:14

As far as grindcore 7″EP’s go, it doesn’t get fucking better than this… 12 songs clocking at over 14 minutes, this is the real deal!

This recording is basically the “Brutal Grind Assault” demo from 2005 pressed on vinyl with new artwork by Daniel Goudelis.

The Helvetians have signed since with Relapse. Some, but not all, of these tracks have been re-recorded for the band’s debut “Customized Warfare”. Rejoice though, because those early versions are possibly better: unclean, raw and without guttural vocals!

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