BB006: FORGARDUR HELVITIS “Gerningavedur” CD+

Catalog # BB006


Country: ICELAND


Format: enhanced CD

Year of release: 2007

Total running time: 37:53

Copies pressed: 500

Status: Available

FORGARDUR HELVITIS are the best kept secret of European grindcore. Hailing from Iceland, they are unlike anything you’ve heard in this scene. Their music style is pretty much influenced by black metal. They are heathens, operate according to D.I.Y. ethics since 1991 and their lyrics are of an alarming sincerity.

This is the re-release of their debut album, originally self-released as a limited CD-R back  in 2002. The bonus of this new edition are:

  • epic artwork by BBM artist Daniel Goudelis,
  • translation of the lyrics from icelandic to english,
  • a cover of DARK THRONE’s “Under A Funeral Moon” with lyrics in icelandic,
  • the video-clip of “Heljarslóð”.

“(…) their hybrid of epic punky grindcore and primitive black metal sure is pretty damn crushing … Imagine Retro-Bution-era Extreme Noise Terror on a steady diet of Immortal, but rawer and more freaked out. (…)” (Chrome Peeler Records)

“(…) Musically, Forgardur Helvetis hit all the expected notes: the blastbeats are on point, the riffs have a distinctive Scandinavian air as though the earliest At the Gates material were being reinterpreted by Creation is Crucifixion and the vocals are impassioned. But there’s also a breasting dragon ship bravado to their song construction that suggests they have Viking-era Bathory albums lurking in their plundered record collection (…)” (Grind & Punishment)

2 Responses to “BB006: FORGARDUR HELVITIS “Gerningavedur” CD+”

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