BB007: STRAIGHTHATE “Indigenous” CD

Catalog # BB007


Country: GREECE


Format: digipack CD

Year of release: 2007

Total running time: 39:32

Copies pressed: 1000

Status: Available

“Indingenous” is the first and only album of STRAIGHTHATE (R.I.P.). Its 12 tracks of christraping death/grind/hardcore constitute an elegant & devastating assault! Fast, spiritual music with a psychedelic momentum for fans of: Entombed, Malevolent Creation, Immolation, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Suffocation, Converge, Breach, Neurosis, Isis, Knut, Nasum, Regurgitate, Rotten Sound, Emperor, Discordance Axis, Burst, etc.

After the band’s demise in 2008, guitarist/songwriter Thanos and vocalist/lyricist Panos formed Dephosphorus, whose debut MLP “Axiom” has recently received substantial critical and fan praise.

“Opinionated, outspoken and armed with noteworthy musicianship, Straighthate are truly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to extreme music.” (

“There are a few fucking outstanding moments, though – such as the rare energetic bursts of more overt melody or some oddly droning/noisy lead lines… and just check out those eerie acoustic guitars that pop up out of nowhere during “Higher”!? Awesome.” (

“…the music slots comfortably within the mainstream of contemporary Euro-grind with flashes of the Scandi-sound (the thorny prickle of the Nasum-ish “Isolator”) and more continental fare. The screeches border on black metal’s demesne and tag out to guttural grunts.” (Grind And Punishment)

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