— BB012: KRATZER/KVAZAR split-LP/digital

Catalog# BB013 KRATZER/KVAZAR split-LP cover artwork by Viral Graphics


Release title: Split-album

Countries: Germany, Greece

Format: 12” LP, digital

Release date: 10th of June 2013

Pressing info: 500 copies

Vinyl: Black, 33 RPM


1. Laufrad
2. Schatten
3. Zeitverlust
4. ? / !
5. Sklave ?
6. Missverstand
7. Exit Alltag


1. Off By One/Mutant Rhetorics
2. Like Dinosaurs In A Tar Pit/Random People
3. Leap Of Faith
4. Sapping The Foundations
5. The Avalanche Effect / Scope Me
6. The Edifice
7. The Truth

This vinyl record is a labor of collaboration and comraderie between the German and Greek hardcore/grind scenes.

The bands

Hailing from Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, Kvazar have been from 1999 until their breakup in 2010, one of the pillars of the small, albeit fanatical, local grind scene of the 00’s. Their side of this split is the band’s swan song. A furious slab of relentless beating, infused with a Scandinavian death’n’roll touch and enhanced by paroxysmical session vokills from the band’s longtime friend Panos Agoros (Dephosphorus, ex-Straighthate).

Kratzer from Hamburg, are the fresh blood of this project. Playing together since 2011, they have managed to put together an intense and sharp sonic assault that is too good to ignore! Their music is a darkened, visceral take on hardcore punk. Punk beats, memorable and
devastating riffs, majestic dynamics, gorgeous post metal atmospheres and a gritty, expressive vocal delivery in their native tongue… Those are the building blocks of a no-nonensical concoction that brings in mind the passion of such seminal acts as Catharsis, Ire, Cursed or Zegota.

The release

The Kvazar/Kratzer split-album is brought to you you by 7 Degrees Records (Germany) and Blastbeat Mailmurder (Greece), two underground labels working closely together over the last few years. This partnership has started to develop when Dephosphorus, the band of BBM head honcho’s, has found an appopriate home at 7DR.

Extraordinaire visionnaries Viral Graphics (S.F./USA, Athens/Greece) are responsible for the record’s superb artwork and layout.

This fine release is also available in digital format for an affordable price, from the bands’ and the labels’ Bandcamp sites (kratzer.bandcamp.com, kvazar.bandcamp.com, blastbeatmailmurder.bandcamp.com, 7degreesrecords.bandcamp.com).


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