— BB012/BB012MC: VUYVR “Eiskalt” LP

VUYVR "Eiskalt" LP

Catalog # BB012


Country: Switzerland

Release title: Eiskalt

Format: LP, MC, digital

Vinyl: Black, 180gsm, 33 RPM

Date of release:  March 4th, 2013

Total running time: 38:47

Copies pressed: 500 (vinyl), 100 (tape)

Status: Available


  1. Hoch – 2’58
  2. Betrayers Of The North – 4’24
  3. War Of 100000 Centuries – 2’58
  4. Disfigured By Hatred – 2’50
  5. Idolatry – 3’11
  6. Slaves – 3’33


  1. Dead Trees Are Wandering At Night – 5’25
  2. Weapons Made For Grace – 4’43
  3. The Wyvern – 8’56

Trying to determine why Vuyvr’s debut album “Eiskalt” is a stimulating and refreshing take on black metal is not an easy task.

Hailing from Switzerland, their sound initially appears to be rather traditional, obviously influenced by a number of Norwegian and Swedish meisters of the genre.

Beneath an impeccable flow and as the record will start to grow on you, you’ll notice subtle, personal touches which contribute to a large extent to the record’s peculiar charm.

There’s majestic breakdowns who are wonderful but not strictly metallic (“Betrayers Of The North”), stellar dual guitars equally breathing of heavy metal and post rock (“Dead Trees Will Wander At  Night”). The vocals are crisp but not exaggerated, conveying immediacy. The primitive pounding of the drums resonates the naive fury of extreme metal’s early days…

Devil is in the details indeed and apparently Vuyvr have inherited the unorthodox class that characterizes their country’s metal tradition (Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Samael, Coroner…). Having excelled in the ranks of seminal underground acts such as Knut, Impure Wilhelmina, Rorcal, Elizabeth, they are not preoccupied by what the purists will think of them. They are devoted to sonic darkness and it’s all that matters.

Less than a year after their initial racket, the band rushed into their practice space and recorded 9 tracks within a day that would eventually become “Eiskalt”.  Vuyvr has summoned a mighty alliance for its physical release. Throatruiner Records, France’s chaotic industry, and Blastbeat Mailmurder from Greece, operated by Dephosphorus’ vocalist, deliver it to you  the way it was meant to be: in a glorious 180g piece of wax, inspiringly illustrated by Richey Beckett. The digital version is available as a free download and for an affordable starting price. Your winter just got grimmer…

UPDATE: “Eiskalt” has had on December 2013 a limited cassette edition, courtesy of Blastbeat Mailmurder and Monoton Studio Records.


VUYVR "Eiskalt" MC

(…) Real personality breaks through the veneer of trem riffs and howling, though: Mounir delivers deep grooves, while Schindl strings plaintive post-punk melodies across wiry arpeggios.

Eiskalt sounds like second-wave black metal, but it also sounds like a group of real people with real personalities. Revealing yourself through a style as staid as this one takes guts—more guts than corpsepaint and spikes usually allow for.

Invisible Oranges

It’s increasingly hard to gain any traction by playing black metal in the classic Scandinavian mold. That particular vein of creative ore was explored pretty thoroughly by the ’90s pioneers and stripped bare by their many imitators. Even now, though, a crafty band can find gold in that quarry. Vuyvr, which features members of the underrated Swiss bands Impure Wilhelmina and Knut, has done so. Vuyvr’s attack initially feels like any old Immortal knockoff’s — rickety drums blast away beneath minor-key chords while some guy shrieks himself raw. But Vuyvr has a personal touch. Where your stock black metal band would be PERFECTED BY HATRED! or ENTHRONED BY HATRED!, Vuyvr are disfigured by it. Those minor chords chime with a post-punk vulnerability. Instead of icy, inhuman fury, we get the heat of real human emotion. 


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  1. […] Gods”. On these four lengthy tracks, the band pursues the style previously developed on “Eiskalt”, paying their dues to traditional black metal while sticking to the unusual approach you can expect […]

  2. […] Gods”. On these four lengthy tracks, the band pursues the style previously developed on “Eiskalt”, paying their dues to traditional black metal while sticking to the unusual approach you can expect […]

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