— BB015: V/A “Monomaniac vol.2/3” LP/digital

Monomaniac vol.2/3

Catalog # BB015

Band: Various Artists

Country: N/A

Release: MONOMANIAC vol.2/3

Format: LP/digital

Date of release: Sept. 2nd, 2013

Total running time: 22:11

Copies pressed: 500

Status: Available


1. WITCHRIST (NZ) “Transmuting Rituals of the Absolute” (01:50)
2. MONOMAKH (AU) “Menstruous” (00:59)
3. SKULSHITTER (USA) “Rotten Ways” (00:59)
4. NOCTURNAL VOMIT (GR) “Typhlosis” (01:48 )
5. NADIWRATH (GR) “A Living Disgrace” (01:00)
6. END (GR) “Half Fuelled Life” (01:22)
7. HAAPOJA (FI) “Yhtä Ja Samaa” (00:51)
8. DEPHOSPHORUS (GR) “Unknown To Thee” (01:07)
9. OMEGA MONOLITH (GR) “Fragment(ed)” (01:00)
1. BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA (USA) “Hierophant” (00:43)
2. WAKE (CA) “Hate Hoarder” (01:11)
3. PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY (GR) “Immoral Immortals” (00:52)
4. GODS OF CHAOS (HR) “Crush The Skulls Of All Fucking Posers III” (00:45)
5. MUTANT SUPREMACY (USA) “Mucopuralent Excretor” (01:31)
6. RAVENCULT (GR) “”Endless Retaliation” (01:11)
7. BURIAL HORDES (GR) “Glorification” (01:03)
8. WEREGOAT (USA) “By Light Of Moon” (01:00)
9. DODSFERD (GR) “Disposable Human Wastes” (01:16)
10. NECROSADIST (CY) “Key Of The Abyss” (01:34)

Grouping together some of the most radical acts from all over the globe and asking from them a one-minute long statement, this is what the Monomaniac series is all about!
Eventhough short timings are standard practice for punk-related music genres, it is extremely interesting to hear how bands from other scenes respond to the challenge, as well as how it sounds to juxtapose short bursts from the extreme underground’s different tendencies…
Compiled with passion by Panos Agoros (Dephosphorus’ vocalist and Blastbeat Mailmurder’s head honcho) and moulded aesthetically by renowned visionnaries Viral Graphics, Monomaniac is a compilation series on the edge of the contemporary underground sound.
This second (and double) installment in the series has been mastered for vinyl by C.Sinclair, drummer of Diocletian & Witchrist fame. It comes in a 12” black vinyl, pressed at 45 R.P.M. for maximum sound quality. A digital version is available on a name-your-price basis from Bandcamp.
Please contact bodybag666 [at] gmail.com for orders, trades, and promotional matters.

3mm_spine tracklist_detail LP_front3 LP_front2 LP_front LP_back label-II label-I credit_details corner_detail artwork_detail2 artwork_detail

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