email: bodybag666[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Write to us in english, greek or french.


BLASTBEAT MAILMURDER/PRODUCTIONS is an independent distro and label from Hellas-Greece which is active since 2001. It is operated by Panos, vocalist of astrogrind outfit Dephosphorus (also ex-Amnis Nihili, ex-Straighthate).

Its main focus is distributing and producing brutal, harsh, eerie music, supporting healthy worldviews and inspiring aesthetics.


We love to trade, BUT we are looking for quality, non-generic, inspirational music.

We are into extreme metal, crust/grind/hardcore, noise, ambient & experimental shit.

We love vinyl, tapes and special packagings.

Occasionally we trade D.I.Y. CD-R releases but they must somehow be  special.

Always include links where we can listen to the records that you’re proposing to trade.


We are currently not accepting demos. Sorry and good luck! Eventhough we are not looking for new bands, if you really think you share common ground with us, feel free to drop us a word along with a link to your music (ideally your Bandcamp or Myspace page). DON’T ATTACH MP3’s!

3 Responses to “++ ABOUT + CONTACT + TRADES + DEMOS ++

  1. HOW DO I GET ALL END records ON
    VINYL ??!!! haha
    We Love Them !!!

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