MONOMANIAC compilation EP series



A compilation series brought to you by Blastbeat Mailmurder, each bundled with a fine selection of international extreme artists, gloriously packaged by visionaries Viral Graphics. Each band contributes with ~1 minute of music!


Monomaniac vol.4 has been released on the 4th of September, 2014.


A1 DEATHCULT (CH) “Summoned” 1:35
A2 BOLZER (CH) “The Eternal Monarch” 1:28
A3 ARCHAGATHUS (CA) “Expensive Solution” 1:22
A4 HOLY MEASURE (AU) “None Immune”  0:41
A5 HOLY MEASURE (AU) “Old Dawn”  0:34
A6 SWOLLEN ORGANS (U.S.A.) “Natural Causes” 0:59
A7 ABYSSUS (GR) “Phobos” 1:12
A8 TREPANATION (NZ) “Strike With Chaos (Monomaniac version)” 1:20
A9 VACANTFIELD (GR) “The Yarn” 1:22
A10 ΣΠΛΑΧΝΑ (GR) “Άγνωστη Τροχιά” 1:00
A11 ΝΑΦΘΑLYN  (GR) “Education”  1:03
B1 VUYVR (CH) “Elevation” 0:58
B2 COLUMN OF HEAVEN (CA) “Reunion With The Divine” 0:56
B3 HEAD HITS CONCRETE (CA) “Colony Collapse (demo)” 1:26
B4 IMPURE WORSHIP (GR) “Herald Of Famine And Pestilence” 1:14
B5 LOBOTOMIZED (NO) “Streams Of Aquavit” 1:05
B6 FAITHREAT (GR) “Supremacy Of Stupidity” 1:26
B7 NUNRIPPER (U.S.A.) “Funeral Pestilence” 1:06
B9 AWE (GR) “This Nature Is Not Of Yours” 1:42
B10 SPECTRAL LORE (GR) “The Cosmic Suicide” 1:30



Monomaniac vol.2/3 has been released on the 2nd of September, 2013.

1. WITCHRIST (NZ) “Transmuting Rituals of the Absolute” (01:50)
2. MONOMAKH (AU) “Menstruous” (00:59)
3. SKULSHITTER (USA) “Rotten Ways” (00:59)
4. NOCTURNAL VOMIT (GR) “Typhlosis” (01:48 )
5. NADIWRATH (GR) “A Living Disgrace” (01:00)
6. END (GR) “Half Fuelled Life” (01:22)
7. HAAPOJA (FI) “Yhtä Ja Samaa” (00:51)
8. DEPHOSPHORUS (GR) “Unknown To Thee” (01:07)
9. OMEGA MONOLITH (GR) “Fragment(ed)” (01:00)
1. BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA (USA) “Hierophant” (00:43)
2. WAKE (CA) “Hate Hoarder” (01:11)
3. PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY (GR) “Immoral Immortals” (00:52)
4. GODS OF CHAOS (HR) “Crush The Skulls Of All Fucking Posers III” (00:45)
5. MUTANT SUPREMACY (USA) “Mucopuralent Excretor” (01:31)
6. RAVENCULT (GR) “”Endless Retaliation” (01:11)
7. BURIAL HORDES (GR) “Glorification” (01:03)
8. WEREGOAT (USA) “By Light Of Moon” (01:00)
9. DODSFERD (GR) “Disposable Human Wastes” (01:16)
10. NECROSADIST (CY) “Key Of The Abyss” (01:34)


Vol.1 has been released on the 1st of October, 2012. 

SIDE I, timing: 5:09

1. CLOUD RAT [US] “Finger print v1″ 1:08
2. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Littered” 0:19
3. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Floorboards” 0:19
4. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Hibakusha (Reprise)” 0:16
5. DETROIT [CA] “Birthday Party” 0:34
6. SETE STAR SEPT [JP] “Why not intersect” 0:25
7. BODY HAMMER [US] “Dog Star Man” 0:35
8. HEAD CLEANER [GR] “The Weapon Of The Proletariat” 1:17

SIDE II, timing: 4:53

1. DIOCLETIAN [NZ[ “Traitors Gallow” 1:19
2. THE HOWLING WIND [US] “Bewilderment” 1:26
3. SEMPITERNAL DUSK [US] “Beneath The Emblems Of Death” 1:03
4. THIS IS PAST [GR] “Catatonia” 0:56

Here’s some write-ups about it:

The interview

Check out The Monomaniac Interview vol.1 @ Blasting Days for some background about the series…


Andrew Childers is partly responsible for Monomaniac vol.1‘s grind selection. He suggested to us many crucial fucking bands and put us in touch. Make sure you check out his rants at Grind & Punishment, the webernet’s #1 grind blog. Thank you Andrew.


bodybag666 [at] gmail [dot] com

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