+++ RELEASES +++

BB018: V/A “JESUS FUCKING WEPT vol.1” LP [2015|available]
5-way split between: Ogdru Jahad (DK), Necroholocaust (CA), Necroblood (FR),
Weregoat (US), Impure Worship (GR)

(chainsaw black/death)

BB017: VUYVR (CH) “Incinerated Gods” MLP [2014|last copies]
(black metal)

BB016: V/A “MONOMANIAC vol.4” LP [2014|available]

BB015: V/A “MONOMANIAC vol.2/3” LP [2013|available]

BB014:  KRATZER/KVAZAR split-LP [2013|available]
(blackened hardcore punk, grindcore)

BB013: INJEKTING KHAOS s/t MLP [2013|available]
(black metal)

BB012/BB012MC: VUYVR “Eiskalt” LP  [2013|last copies]
(black metal)

BB011: V/A “MONOMANIAC vol.1” 7″EP [2012|last copies]

BB010: MUTANT SUPREMACY (USA) “Rotting Season” 7″EP [2012|sold-out]
(death metal) 

BB009: Release code cancelled.

BB008: KOMMPOUND/PASCAL CRETAIN (GR) “The Empathy Axis” 2×3″CD-R [2007|sold-out]
(field recordings/noise/ambient)

BB007: STRAIGHTHATE (GR) “Indigenous” CD [2007|available]

BB006: FORGARDUR HELVITIS (IS) “Gerningavedur” CD+ [2007|available]
(blackened grindcore)

BB005: MUMAKIL (CH) “The Stop Whining EP” 7″ [2006|available]

BB004: INTO THE GORE (GR) “Bureau Of Disgust” CD [2006|available]

BB003: NUCLEAR WINTER (GR) “Abomination Virginborn” 7″ EP [2006|sold-out]
(death metal)

BB002: STRAIGHTHATE (GR) “Grim Memories” MCD+ [2004|last copies]
(grinding thrashcore

BB001: SUN OF NOTHING (GR) “…And Voices Words Faces Complete The Dream” CD [2003|sold-out]
(sludge/grind/black metal)

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