Mailmurder update: CD’s (Parasitic Records, Profound Lore, Nuclear Winter Records, etc)

  • COFFINS/OTESANEK (JAP/USA) split-CD (Parasitic Records)

Epic split for sludge lovers! Three tracks for COFFINS, including a Goatlord cover, one long track for OTESANEK.

  • ALDEBARAN (USA) “Buried Beneath Aeons” CD (Parasitic Records)

Excellent funeral doom with Tim Call (The Howling Wind) on drums! One long track of 28′ for fans of THERGOTHON, EVOKEN, ASUNDER, YOB… Awesome cover artwork by Dan Seagrave!

  • MAVETH (Fin/USA)  “Breath Of An Abomination” CD (Nuclear Winter Records)

Blasphemous Satanic Death Metal Obscurity a la Immolation and Dead Congregation!

  • GRAVE MIASMA (UK) “Realm Of Evoked Doom” MCD (Nuclear Winter Records)

31′ of essential dungeonic death metal darkness, including their 7″EP, a compilation track and two raw as fuck rehearsal songs.

  • JINN (UK) “Jinn” CD (Superfire Records)

“The Northern UK band’s first proper full-length! Ex-Ebola / Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon rocking political thrash hardcore grind!” Check a track here.

  • ASUNDER (USA) “Works Will Come Undone” (Profound Lore Records) digipack CD

Excellent funeral doom with ex-members of Weakling, The Gault, Dystopia, Dispirit, Wolves In The Throne Room, etc. 6 panel digipack.

  • YOB (USA) “The Great Cessation” (Profound Lore Records) digipack CD

Essential ritualistic doom and progressive rock. 4-panel digipack with 8 page booklet.

  • VASAELETH “Crypt Borth And Tethered To Ruin” (Profound Lore Records)  CD

Obscure, dark death metal for fans of Incantation and Dead Congregation.

  • THE HOWLING WIND “Into The Cryosphere” (Profound Lore Records) CD

Timeless black metal masterpiece! An allegorical, occult trip into Arctic isolation.

  • MITOCHONDRION (CAN)  “Parasignosis” (Profound Lore Records) CD

Uncompromising death metal, progressive and savage. Think: Portal, Demilich, etc. 20 page booklet and print on special matte stock.

  • SALOME (USA) “Terminal” (Profound Lore Records) digipack CD

Great sludge/doom with female vocalist Kat (Agoraphobic Nosebleed). For fans of Grief, Warhorse, Corrupted, Eyehategod. 6-panel wallet digipack with eight page booklet and CD inner sleeve design.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on March 15, 2011.

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