Old-school death metal mayhem from NY:MUTANT SUPREMACY “Infinite Suffering” LP/CD

MUTANT SUPREMACY (US) “Infinite Suffering” LP (self-released) 14e
MUTANT SUPREMACY (US) “Infinite Suffering” digipack MCD (self-released) 9e

We are proud to introduce you to MUTANT SUPREMACY from New York City, some of the finest newcomers in the worldwide  death metal scene!

Damn online music… I’ve initially listened to Mutant Supremacy on Deadspace and thought they were ok. Now that the wax of their debut album “Infinite Suffering” is spinning on my turntable I must admit  that I am impressed!

They manage to be at the same time brutal and old-school as fuck. Their influences don’t originate from a single source. Their mentors are foremost early Slayer and the meisters of blasphemous USDM: mostly Immolation and early Morbid Angel, but also Deicide, Incantation and more recently Sadistic Intent (fuck yeah!). They have great riffs and devastating beats which are served by a raw, organic production courtesy of Joe Cincotta (Suffocation, Criminal Element). That’s not all though since they display quite a diverse, intercontinental background like on  “Epitaph” which kicks off swedish-style a la Unleashed, or “Extinction” with the cool Slayer-esque guitar leads and its great melodic riffing.

We have stocked some copies of “Infinite Suffering” on wax and plastic. The fact that the band managed to self-release the album on both formats is a solid proof of their motivation and confidence. Their grass-roots DIY attitude is also confirmed by the fact that you can try before you buy since they invite you to download Infinite Suffering for free below!

MEDIAFIRE: Mutant Supremacy – Infinite Suffering [83.98MB .zip]

Vinyl collector data:

  • 12″  spinning at 45rpm
  • 3 color splatter wax
  • vinyl version includes gorgeous 2’x3′ poster of the original artwork

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on October 18, 2011.

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