Distro update 16/6/16: Dysemblem, Natvre’s, Stheno/Grassroll

DYSEMBLEM “Strengh Of Giants” digipack CD 7€
Doom/death feat. ex-Injekting Khaos guitarist/songwriter & local underground drum hero Nuctemeron

NATVRE’S (GR) “Wrath” Ekopack CD (Clean head Productions)  5€ 
Excellent black metal, traditional yet avant-garde, very influenced by the Norsl legacy.

STHENO / GRASSROLL (GR) “Wolfkind” split-7″EP (Clean Head Productions) 5€
Blackened grind/crust vs. sludge/grind with female vox! Black vinyl edition

Distro update 16/6/16: Dysemblem, Natvre's, Stheno/Grassrol

Dysemblem NATVRE'S

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on July 16, 2016.

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