• ABNEGATION “Verses Of The Bleeding” (Goodlife Recordings) CD 4e
    Not your usual flavor of death/grind… “sounds like Eyehategod doing death metal covers”
  • ABOMINATOR/MORNALAND (Oz/Swe) “Split” CD (Path To Enlightment Records) 4e
    You should know ABOMINATOR by now: chaotic blackmetal bulldozer from Australia that kills everything for fans of BLASPHEMY, CONQUEROR, BLACK WITCHERY. Epic northern blackmetal is the deal for MORNALAND with accoustic parts and a pagan touch. 1997 release., 13 trax, 55+ minutes
  • ANGRIST/VULNUS “Combined Extremity” (DIY) split-CDR DEMO 1e
    good splitdemo for brutal deathmetal fans.
  • ANTIGAMA / DEFORMED (POL) “Roots Of Chaos” Split CD (Deformeathing) 2e <=== new, lower price!
    One long cool experimental noisy track from ANTI, neogrind with drum machine from DEFORMED.
  • ANTIGAMA (POL) “Discomfort” CD (Selfmadegod) 2e <=== new, lower price!
    2nd album of the cult Warsaw combo. Excellent drummer, massive, intense, technical and intellectual complex grind.
  • ANTIGAMA (POL) “Intellect Made Us Blind” CD (Selfmadegod) 2e <=== new, lower price!
    Re-release of the debut album of this awesome band.
  • BLOODVOMIT (US) “Up From The Grave” CD (Bloodsoaked) 0.5e <=== new, lower price!
  • CATHETER (US) “Preamble To Oblivion” CD (Selfmadegod) 4e
    Brand new full length. 18 songs of brutal masterful Colorado grindcore bulldozer in the vein of Phobia, Repulsion and old Napalm Death plus some sludge parts like Eyehategod or 16. 10 bonus tracks from “Headfucker” 7″ and live cuts from their gig at Bluebird Theater ’02 that are not on US pressing + 3 cover songs by Napalm Death, Repulsion and The Accused.
  • CEASE.AND.DESIST (NO) “CEASE.AND.DESIST” CD-R ALBUM (Machinery Productions) 2e 
    Industrial oslodeathmetal a la Mysticum, Dodheimsgard, Aura Noir. Fantastik!!!
  • CEASE.AND.DESIST (NO) “Protest06” CD-R (Machinery Productions) 2e
    2 trax promo EP. Great as usual!
  • CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN (US) “Zero Comfort Margin” MCD (Willowtip) 4e
    One of the best deathgrind akts around. Latest rekording, 15 trax-20 minutes.
  • COPREMESIS (US) “Demonstrating the Fist” DEMO CD-R (Cancer Removal Prod) 0.5e 
    Stream & download the release by clicking on the link above! 4 tracks of blasting, ultra-guttural Death/Grind in the veins of BRODEQUIN, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY and MALIGNANCY, plus a hidden track of  majestic black metal! 
  • CRIMENES DE GUERRA (MX) “Sangre Rebelde” CD (Chaman Records/La Femi Records) 4e 
    Crust from Mexico city a la WOLFPACK, HELLNATION, HIATUS, etc! Vokills in spanish, lyrics translated in english.
  • DECONFORMITY (US) “From the End to Inseminate” CD (NTEY Records) 1e <=== new, lower price!
    Brutal DM a la Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Immortal, Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Nile, Dying Fetus.
  • DEFORMED (POL) “Project Torture 005” CD (Deformeathing) 1e <=== new, lower price!
    Hyper deathgrind machine gun assault with drum machine!
  • DEMON HUNTER (US) “Demon Hunter” CD (Solid State) 1e <=== new, lower price!
    Project 86, Living Sacrifice, Zao, Training For Utopia members.
  • DEVIANT (Swe) “Apathyphus” 3″MCD (Nuclear Winter Records) 4e
    Their best recording so far, 3 new tracks and a NASUM cover!!!
  • DIORRHEA (ITA) “B-Xvi” CD (D.I.Y. Coproduction) 1e <=== new, lower price!
    Chaotic grindcore with mostly screamed vocals. Good stuff!
  • DIRTY POWER GAME (ITA) “Figli Della Vostra Catastrofe” CD (Zasrec/Agipunk) 2e
    Roma blasting & thrashing grind-crust like disrupt on speed!
  • EMBEDDED (GER) ”A Severity Divine” (Revenge Productions) CD 2e <=== new, lower price!
    2nd full-length album of this German powerhouse, 9 new songs (+ 1 videoclip) of excellent brutal Death Metal, combining the best of the old school Death Metal and modern blasting Death. Epic and unrelenting, great riffs and beats a la Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity, etc.
  • FOR WHAT IS WORTH (GR) “Thoughts Are My Enemies” MCD (Trailblazer Records) 4€
    Athens hardcore. Click above for details.
  • FREEFALL (GR) “Demons Watching Demons Play” CD-R album (D.I.Y.) 2€
    Metal/hardcore from Salonica. Click above for details.
  • GARDENBOX (GR) “Last Resort” digipack-CD (Venerate Industries) 2€ <=== new, lower price!
    Instrumental alternative/post-rock based on strong ambient/electronics layers. This is their second album, following their 2003 debut on local POETA NEGRA. Reminds acts like Mogwai, Jesu, 27, Low, Explosions In The Sky, Radiohead.
  • HIRAX(USA) “Not Dead Yet” CD  (Selfmadegod) 4e <=== new, lower price!
    “The disc consists of “Raging Violence” (1985, Metal Blade) and “Hate, Fear And Power” (1986, Metal Blade), the classic first two albums. Started back in 1984 by characteristic singer Katon W. De Pena, Hirax are indisputable pioneers of American thrash metal/crossoverThe front cover images have been created by renown artists Pushead (Septic Death) and Mad Marc Rude.
  • ΗIRAX(USA) “El Rostro de la Muerte” CD  (Selfmadegod) 4e  <=== new budget title!
    New album from 2009 with Ed Repka artwork. Great thrash metal.
  • HIRAX(USA) “Assassins Of War” MCD  (Selfmadegod) 4e  <=== new budget title!
    5 devastating thrash metal songs! Check out the cover artwork here.
  • INFESTED (GER) ”…Until It Breaks Down Again” (Revenge Productions) CD 2e <=== new budget title!
    Brutal & twisted Death Metal with guttural vokills, crazy beatdowns & tempo changes, as well as some hardcore riffing. Influenced by bands as DEVOURMENT, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, WORMED and ION DISSONANCE!
  • INFLICTION (US-TX) “Trails of obliteration” (Revenge Productions) CD 2e <=== new budget title!
    Proper release of the first INFLICTION Album from 2002, previously only available in limited quantities as CD-R. Rough, brutal Texas Death Metal at its finest! Fast blasting parts alternate with beatdowns and low vokills. Awesome shit…
  • INJEKTING KHAOS (GR) “Salvation Through Violence” digipak MCD (Repentance Rex) 4e <=== new budget title!
    Killer brutal BM a la Antaeus/Arkhon Infaustus. Beautiful fucking digipak with artwork courtesy of Sect Metaztasis (Antaeus, etc)! Featuring the original DEPHOSPHORUS drummer! Click above for a name-your-price download.
  • ISÄNMAA “Yli Peltojen, Vetten ja Tunturien” MCD (Primitive Reaction) 4e <=== new budget title!
    Crusty black metal doesn’t get better than this! 6 tracks of “Ugra Karma”-era ghettoblasting violence recorded back in 1996 by Kimmo Luttinen after leaving Impaled Nazarene. Most of the songs featured here were supposed to be recorded for Impaled Nazarene “Hamnasnas” unreleased MCD, but never did because the studio session ended in a fistfight between Kimmo and bass player Taneli Jarva (with whom he later formed The Black League)! Check the looks.
  • KONKAVE (GR) “Idiocy Mode” digipack MCD Damaged Productions) 2e
    Great stuff for Burnt By The Sun/Converge/Zao fans. Featuring SARABANTE drummer Markos. Deluxe hi-tech artwork.
  • LENG’TCHE/WARSCARS (BEL/FR) – Split digipack-CD (Bones Brigade) 4e
    Fine grindcore release, cool packaging. Warscars feat.members of GRONIBARD.
  • LIFE AT ZERO (USA) “Vile Piles” CD (NTEY Records) 1e <=== new, lower price!
    Technical and brutal catchy death metal for fans of Dying Fetus, Lividity, old Fleshgrind.
  • LOBOTOMIZED (NO) “Fucking Lobotomized” CD-R (Machinery Productions) 2e
    Raw punkish deathrash mayhem w/ Cease.And.Desist members a la Aura Noir, Autopsy, Audiopain. Includes Doomed, GG Allin, Abscess covers.
  • MAYHEM (NO) “Mediolanum Capta Est” CD (Avantgarde Music) 4e
    Official live @ Milan-Italy 1998.
  • MASSMURDER (NL) “Slaughtered For Snuff” (Unmatched Brutality) MCD 2e <=== new, lower price!
    Guttural death metal.
  • MUTE THE SILENCE (GR) “Cursed With Ambition” digipack CD (Venerate Industries) 4€
    Melodic punk rock from Athens. Click above for details.
  • NERLICH/DECOHERENCE/GORGASM (FIN/FR/FR) “Embalmed Madness#1” (Nihilistic Holocaust) CD-R ALBUM 0.5e <=== new, lower price!
    Old school & brutal Death, Brutal death and technical Death. Songs taken from each band’s demo. Killer split.
  • OLC SINNSIR  (FR) “The Throne of Dead Emotions” (Oaken Shield) 2e <=== new, lower price!
    Good and varied BM influenced by Mayhem, Taake, Marduk… Featuring ex-members of Vorkreist. Click above for more details, check out some of their tracks online here.
  • OUT COLD / VOORHEES (US/UK)– Split (Blackfish Records) 4e 
    Split-EP between 2 well-known crust bandz with excellent artwork.
  • PANZERDIVISION (NO) “Proactive Command”  (Machinery Productions) CD-R 2e
    CEASE.AND.DESIST under a different name, Very brutal!
  • REQUIEM (CH) “Formed At Birth” (Revenge Productions) CD 2e <=== new, lower price!
    Great brutal death metal with excellent riffs. Features scratches on one track!!!
  • RESECTION “Zenith” (Unmatched Brutality) CD 2e <=== new, lower price!
    Great guttural death metal with Brodequin, Despondency members.
  • SICKBAG (FR) “Bushido Codex” CD (Deformeathing) 4e
    Great deathcore/grindcore like MORGUE, THE RED CHORD, etc.
  • SIMBIOSE (POR) “Fake Dimension” digipack CD (Rastilho Records) 4e
    Great crust/d-beat with good vocals and solid production/songwriting!
  • SINCE (TIME) (GR) “Entropiate” CD (Venerate Industries) 4e 
    Instrumental post-rock a la Red Sparowes, Gifts From Enola. Nice artwork.
  • SPINE / PRIMATE (UK) “Hope Vs Realisation” (Blackfish Records) MCD 4e <=== new budget title!
    2 cool UKHC bands. Spine are kinda NYHC-like, Primate deliver fine deathcore.
  • SUFFEREIGN (FR) “Secreted Insanity” (Revenge Productions) MCD 2e <=== new, lower price!
    Debut mini-CD by this French newcomers. 5 trax of fast, technical riffing combined with beatdown parts, guttural vokills and heavy breakdowns. Great technical brutal Death a la INVERACITY, DEHUMANIZED, SEVERED SAVIOR and NECROPHAGIST.
  • SUFFOCATE BASTARD (GER) “Acts of contemporary violence” CD (Revenge Productions) 2e  <=== new, lower price!
    Killer debut album from one of Germany’s most promising new hopes in brutal deathmetal. A la DISGORGE (US) and GORGASM.
  • SURGICAL DISSECTION (SK) “Disgust” CD (NTEY Records) 1e <=== new, lower price!
    Technical, intense and brutal death metal a la Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Dying Fetus.
  • SWORN (Swe) “Impious Beast Within” MCD (Nuclear Winter Records) 3e
    A la DELVE/VERMINOUS but more chaotik/raw. Comes in a cool maxi CD- single case.
  • TARDIVE DYSKINESIA (GR) “Distorting Point Of View” (Venerate Industries) 4e <=== new budget title!
    Mathcore with a sludgy NOLA edge, somewhere between A Life Once Lost, Meshuggah and Crowbar. Click above for details.
  • TERATOGENY (MX) “Mundo Famelico” (Shaman Records) CD 4e 
    Grind from Mexico city a la TERRORIZER/DESTROY/ASSUCK + some blackmetal/majestic parts. Including a DOOM cover. Nice packaging. Killer!
  • THEDOWNGOING (AU) “Athousandyearsofdarkness” CD-R album (self-releeased) 4€  <=== new budget title!
    Excellent hysteric grind in the veins of Discordance Axis! Australian import, Black splotch on white CD, White splotch on black slimline CD case, Handmade x100, click above for stream/download and pictures.
  • THIS IS PAST (GR) “Alice In Uglyland” CD (Venerate Industries) 4e
    Fucked-up weirdness, ugly psychedelia influenced by black metal, The Residents, The Legendary Pink Dots. If you need an uneasy, uncomfortable record that will wreck your nerves, search no longer! Booklet is printed in glossy paper and looks great.
  • THORNESBREED (GER) “The Splendour Of The Repellent” (Animate Rec) CD 0.5e <=== new, lower price!
  • VOODOOSHOCK (GER) “Voodooshock” (PshycheDOOMelic) CD 4e
    Very good doom a la Spirit Caravan, etc.
  • V/A “Facedown Records sampler vol#2” (Facedown Records) CD 0.5e <=== new, lower price!
    Featuring: Figure Four, Anchor, xDISCIPLE A.D.x, Overcome, Dodgin’Bullets, etc.
  • V/A “RAILROADS TO APOCALYPSE 6-WAY SPLIT” CD (Zasrec) 1e <=== new, lower price!
    With:  DISARM (italy crusty grindcore), VERGE ON REASON (germany grinding power-violence), SPLEEN (belgium brutalcore-sludge), MATKA TERESA (holland power-violence), ALIENACJA (poland @ grind-death), BUD JUNKEES (stoner hc-grind)
  • V/A (FR) “Smoldering Humanity (Cancer Removal Prod) CD-R ALBUM 0.5e <=== new, lower price!
    Excellent compilation full of dislocated, broken and fucking raw bands. Over an hour of exclusive grind, hardcore, death metal, noise from: MALIGNANT TUMOUR,SERRANDO CODOS, INTUMESCENCE, KATALEPSY, MODERN DAY MARTYR, BLUE HOLOCAUST, SCENARIO: SLAUGHTER, KOTS, F.F.F.F.F., S.M.E.S., EXOPHTHALMOS, SCHIZOID EMBOLISM, NAPALMED, NIGH, HOMBRE MUERTO. limited to 300 copies
  • V/A (UK) “U.K.H.C.” (Blackfish Records) CD 4e
    Exklusive trax by: Stampin’Ground (covering “Bringin’It Down” by Judge), Decimate, Knuckledust, Unite (covering “Screamager” from Τherapy? ‘s “Troublegum”), Spine, xCanaanx, Raiden, Bluntside, In Decades Decline, 50 Caliber, Freebase (covering Slapshot ‘s “No Friend Of Mine”), etc.
  • VOIDHEAD (GR) “Land” (Head To Avoid Recordings) CD-R 4e
    Heavy drones. Instrumental project of Dephosphorus guitarist Thanos Mantas (also: Dephosphorus, Nafthalyn, ex-Straighthate). Excellent packaging. Last copy.
  • VULNUS / I SHIT ON YOUR FACE (GR/BRA) “Lost Beyond Retrieval/Beer, Bong & Bitch’s body” (Aenaon Music) BOOKCASE CD 4e <=== new budget title!
    A special release for the brutal DM & goregrind underground… Awesome packaging, cover artwork by Eric Drooker (FAITH NO MORE, TOMAHAWK, etc), great prod. on the V-side & overall masterinf by Colin Davis (VILE). V play a la Suffocation, Vile, Dying Fetus, IxSxOxYxFx in the Regurgitate/Last Days Of Humanity veins.
  • WALL OF SLEEP (HUN) “Overlook The All” (PshycheDOOMelic) MCD 4e
    Good doom a la Revelation, etc.


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