INFERNAL CURSE “Awakening of the Damned” cassette

Infernal Curse Tape

INFERNAL CURSE (AR) “Awakening of the Damned” MC (Sodomistic Rituals Productions) 5€

Wow, now that’s a band who has progressed tremendously since their last release, the “Demented Visions of Darkness” 7″EP (we carry it in our distro btw).

Their debut album “Awakening Of The Damned” is a clusterfuck of chaotic and morbid old-school black/death, mostly in the south american veins of Sarcofago, early Sepultura, but also drawing a lot of inspiration from Blasphemy, Possessed, Sadistic Intent, even early Varathron/Rotting Christ… It’s played with a lot of grit and conviction, making it memorable and very addictive. A very nice release overall!

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector’s data:

  • Limited to 250 copies.
  • Professionally duplicated, wrapped in cellophane.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on February 6, 2013.

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