DEPHOSPHORUS “Ravenous Solemnity” stocked @ (Karaoli Dimitriou 14, Halandri)

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Just dropped off some “Ravenous Solemnity” LP’s @ (Karaoli Dimitriou 14, Halandri). They also have in stock the Dephosphorus & Blastbeat Mailmurder/Productions back catalogues!

KICKBACK “No Surrender” gatefold LP re-stock

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KICKBACK “Detruire Le Monde Moderne II” t-shirt

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KICKBACK “Kriminal” t-shirt

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“Ravenous Solemnity” 2xLP/digital out on 10/2/14. Preorder now! Exclusive stream online.

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Hey, we want to share some details with you about the impending release of the new DEPHOSPHORUS album, “Ravenous Solemnity”.


The album will be released next Monday (10th of Feb.) via 7 Degrees Records and Handshake Inc. as a double gatefold LP pressed on 180g heavy wax. It will be also available as a digital download from the Dephosphorus Bandcamp site for a reasonable fee, including as a bonus track our cover to DISCHARGE’s “The Blood Runs Red” (as appeared in “DISCHARGE Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing: The CVLT Nation Sessions”).

Exclusive stream

“Ravenous Solemnity” is streaming exclusively during the weekend courtesy of Invisible Oranges. Your feedback is welcomed!

“Ravenous Solemnity” exclusive stream @ Invisible Oranges!


You can pre-order using one of the following options:

Wax specs

  • 180-gram vinyl pressed at 45 R.P.M.
  • Sturdy gatefold cover printed on reverse board 3000gsm paper, black inner sleeves.
  • Comes in protective plastic overbag.
  • Includes download code.


Get in touch with the labels or directly us for presskits and promo matters.


Blastbeat Mailmurder will also distribute wholesale the record, so especially the local distros/stores should get in touch! Selective trades will also be done.

Press release follows below. Thanks for your time!

DEPHOSPHORUS “Ravenous Solemnity”

Press release

Bundling all things extreme and heavy into a unique, coherent music style known as astrogrind, and endorsing a cosmic, mind expanding concept with the associated aesthetics, Dephosphorus are a creative force on the edge of the contemporary music scene.

Maintaining since 2011 and the now classic “Axiom” mini-LP high standards and a consistent discographic presence, they have been graced with the enthusiastic support of a cult following comprised of eclectic music lovers from all over the globe.

“Ravenous Solemnity”, the 2nd full-length album succeeding to 2012’s critically and fan acclaimed “Night Sky Transform”, marks a milestone for the band. The addition behind the drum kit of John Votsis, one the most talented and dedicated musicians of the local Greek scene, has been instrumental in making of this dense, 43-minute-long odyssey Dephosphorus’ most intense and majestic effort to date.

Illustrated once again with stunning artwork by analog visionaries and friends Viral Graphics, packaged as a glorious gatefold double LP pressed on 180g heavy wax by the good care of the band’s allies and vinyl specialists 7 Degrees Records in cooperation with Handshake Inc., the latter providing for the first time North American distribution for the band, “Ravenous Solemnity” is destined to be a classic gem in any extreme audiophile’s record collection. A digital version is available for a reasonable fee from the band’s Bandcamp page, while a cassette and possibly a CD  edition will follow at some point.

With Dephosphorus’ personnel being split between Greece and Sweden, the band is still not planning any live shows but it remains more dedicated than ever in challenging themselves and the underground audience. A collaborative split-LP effort with excellent Finnish comrades Haapoja approaches completion and will be released later this year.


  • 2011: “Axiom” mini-LP @ 7 Degrees Records
  • 2012: split-7”EP with WAKE (CA) @ 7 Degrees Records
  • 2012: split-7”EP with GREAT FALLS (US) @ Hell Comes Home
  • 2012: “Night Sky Transform” LP @ 7 Degrees Records
  • 2013: V/A “Monomaniac vol.2/3” @ Blastbeat Mailmurder è contributed exclusive track “Unknown To Thee”
  • 2014: V/A “The CVLT Nation Sessions: DISCHARGE’s seminal album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” è contributed “The Blood Runs Red”
  • 2014: “Ravenous Solemnity” 2xLP @ 7 Degrees Records/Handshake Inc.


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The You And What Army Faction "Silk" 7"EP The You And What Army Faction "Silk" 7"EP The You And What Army Faction "Silk" 7"EPThe You And What Army Faction "Silk" 7"EP

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Free download of Monomaniac vol.4 participants TREPANATION!

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NZ merchants of cruel grinding war metal TREPANATION, which will participate in forthcoming Monomaniac vol.4, are now offering their “Hideous Black Abyss” demo as a free download. Do what has to be done!

Ravencult performing live their contrιbution to the “Monomaniac vol.2/3″ comp.LP!

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